Our Services

We create top quality web destination sites & business applications, develop mobile apps for Android & iOS platforms, implement scripts writing, 2D & 3D animations for corporate communications such as learning platforms and explainer videos, and deliver high quality infographics with your brand identity in mind.

We also deliver top demand training solutions, ranging from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Science and Business Analytics, Software Development (Android &iOS), 2D & 3D Animations, and Games Development (2D & 3D). Reach out to us today to enroll for the next cohort.

Our approach leverages on the mind engaging style on every bit of our processes. We use best technology practices is expressing well thought out solutions. Our passionate and innovative approach to content delivery over multiple platforms through a team professionals with savvy in software engineering creates a holistic solution. We serve a growing variety of clientele spanning individuals and corporate organisations through our innovative combination of technology solutions. We engage based on Integrity and Expertise as our identity which directs excellence on every detail of our services.

Games Development

Freesia Networks has developed games such as: Dance Avenue, Wotcard, Stick Zulu and Lodo Ludo among others on different mobile platforms for local and especially international consumption.

IVR Solutions

Our IVR Solutions allow our team help you setup your Call Centres or Help-Desk with an Interactive Voice Response system that can guide buyers through assisted purchases. It takes your business to a whole new paradigm.

RBT Solutions

At Freesia, we provide Caller Ring Back Tune solutions that allows you to advertise your businesses, feature corporate campaigns and creatively manage events over the mobile platform. We can also list your audio formatted intellectual properties for revenue share on local telcos.

Apps Development

We create mobile business tools that make it easy for your customers to engage your products and services from the convenience of their private lives, hence eliminating the space and time challenge the global village battles with daily.

Website Development

We develop websites and applications for businesses, startups and enterprise solutions, using current technologies and best practices. Our team of developers can handle end-to-end solution and platform development in record time.